What Is Moonbathing? and Making Moon Water

What Is Moonbathing? and Making Moon Water

So, What is Moonbathing?

Well, it's just like it sounds. Moon bathing refers to time spent basking in the moonlight in the same way sunbathing is lying in the sunshine. It is a traditional treatment recommended to help people keep cool in the summer. Because moonlight is reflected sunlight, it too can boost vitamin D levels, as well as give us nitric oxide which is known to help regulate blood flow and reduce blood pressure. It is also believed to help promote relaxation by prompting the natural release of melatonin, manage stress and anxiety levels, and even help regulate a woman's menstrual cycle.
Unlike sunbathing, lying in the moon's light has not been found to damage your skin or create wrinkles. Instead, it recharges the spirit and refreshes the body. Some believe doing so can nurture psychic/mental strength. It is also a simple meditative experience that calms the mind and steadies the nerves.

How do I Moonbathe?

Lie down in a place where the moonlight bathes your entire body. I've done this lying on the grass in my yard or on the trampoline, on a riverbank, in a lawn chair by a campfire, on the hood of my pickup truck while stargazing. The world is your oyster. If you are in a place that allows you to do so nude, Hell yeah, go for it! If you can't go outside or you live in an apartment or your neighbor's a creep, placing yourself by a window that allows the moon's light to shine on you will do just fine. No worries. We work with what we have. Regular clothing or pajamas will do, or you may choose linens or something ceremonial. Either way works as long as you are comfortable. From my own experience, 30 minutes is an acceptable amount of time for a moonbathing session, but this is a practice that you will tailor to your liking. Keep in mind that the moon moves across the sky during the night so you may have to shift your position to maintain maximum moonlight exposure. The moon looks different at different times of the year and will have different effects. The winter moon tends to be silvery, silent, and calming; the spring moon can have a rejuvenating green tinge to its renewing light; the summer moon casts an orangy-yellowish light that boosts energy levels; and the mellow, pale yellow, autumn moon brings calm and serenity.

Making Moon Water

Moon water is water that has been charged with lunar energy. Capturing the moon's energy in water is simple. All you really need is a vessel. Fill a glass or bowl with water— rainwater or spring water is best but tap or bottled water is perfectly fine. You could also add a pinch of sea salt or drop in a clear quartz crystal for added potency. Clear quartz is an amplifying stone and it will amplify the energy of the moon. Just make sure it is polished quartz and not raw quartz, as raw crystals become damaged by water. Hold the vessel close to your heart and visualize it filling with light and love. Then place it out in an area where the container will be exposed to moonlight. Your patio, windowsill, or garden are perfect places where a glass or bowl can bask in the moonbeams. Avoid using metal containers, as this can disrupt the charging process. Glass, ceramic, or wood is best. Note the importance of timing. Making moon water, or 'charging' your water, can aid in different ways depending on the moon cycle. Each moon phase imbues the water with different properties.

Rather than regular tap water, use moon water to:
⦁    Water plants to encourage magical growth
⦁    Drink in teas and coffees for an infusion of lunar blessings
⦁    Cleanse crystals and sacred objects to increase their potency
⦁    Add to baths and showers to refresh your energy
⦁    Use it to wash your hair (said to improve mental clarity)
⦁    Cook to infuse meals with magic
⦁    Spray around the home or office to cleanse the energy
⦁    Honestly, I like to use it as a final rinse after washing my face.

Are there benefits to drinking moon water? Sort of.

Sipping this lunar elixir provides holistic healing benefits. Drinking moon water is believed to bring emotional strength and ease emotional and hormonal stress during one's menstrual cycle or menopause. It is also thought to boost a person's psychic/mental faculties when blended with lavender tea. 

Sipping moon water is thought to:
⦁    Ease emotional stress and PMS symptoms
⦁    Enhance psychic gifts and intuition
⦁    Promote emotional strength and resilience
⦁    Connect you to the Divine Feminine

Drink it first thing in the morning to attune each day's energy to the moon. Blend it into your favorite teas to further amplify the benefits.

How Can I Manifest with Moon Water?

Remember when I said to note the importance of timing? This is where that part comes into play. As I mentioned, the moon phase under which you charge the water imbues it with specific manifesting properties.
If you are looking to have a spiritual reset in your life, create new projects, or begin a fresh phase in relationships, you should put water out during the New Moon, the night you can first see a sliver of the crescent. The New Moon energy helps with starting fresh.
If your intention is manifesting personal growth, needing strength to heal, or seeking inspiration for a creative adventure, place water out during the Waxing Moon for at least three nights while the Moon is growing. The Waxing Moon imparts energies of growth, strength, and creativity.
The Full Moon is optimal for healing, love, empowerment, and connecting with the Divine Feminine.
Cleansing negativity and removing obstacles is best done by placing water outside during the waning moon (after the full moon) as it appears to be shrinking smaller and smaller, for at least three nights. The Waning Moon provides emotional and spiritual release and cleansing.

A Lunar Guide to Manifesting with Moon Water
⦁    New Moon - Reset, begin projects, start fresh
⦁    Waxing Moon - Growth, strength, creativity, inspiration
⦁    Full Moon - Healing, love, charging objects, goddess energy
⦁    Waning Moon - Cleansing, removing obstacles, releasing

Experiment with charging under different moon phases to create water specifically aligned with your intentions. Moon water can be a powerful ritual tool. Let it bring lunar inspiration into your life.

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