Intentions Jar

Do you ever think about the things you wish you could do? The goals you've set before yourself? Imagine having a physical symbol of your intentions. A visual reminder of all you set out to accomplish and achieve. You can have just that by making an intentions jar. This can be a meditative project as well. Burn some incense or candles, play relaxing music, and focus on your goal or intention. The best time to do this is during a full moon, when lunar energy is most powerful. 

What you will need:
a small wide glass jar with a lid - it should have enough room for a tea light and all the other elements you will include.
a tea light
a bit of salt or sand to keep the tea light steady
dried herbs and spices that coincide with your intentions
small talisman(s)
twine and wax to seal the jar

Prepare your vessel:
Let your intuition guide you when choosing what goes in your jar. First choose your salt or sand to hold the tea light steady. Place the tea light on top - this represents your anchor to keep you grounded. Now surround this with your other ingredients. There is no recipe: what you include is completely up to you.

Here are a few suggestions:
Pound some dried herbs into dust in a mortar and pestle - you could try one or two of the following: basil for wealth; lavender for peace; holly for protection; cinnamon for love; cloves for good luck; sage for wisdom.

You could add talismans that connect with you, like a shell picked up from a beach or a pebble from a hike, pressed petals from a flower given to you by a loved one, a coin or a small charm. Perhaps include a strand or two of your own hair or nail clippings to strongly connect yourself with your intention. Include eggshells to give you the strength to start something new. Write your intention down on a small piece of paper and drop that in too.

Charging your jar
⦁    Hold the jar and concentrate on your intention.
⦁    Put each item into the jar carefully, starting with the salt or sand, then the tea light, then arrange the rest around it. As you do, think about why you chose each item and how it will help you.
⦁    Place the jar in moonlight (the full moon is most ideal) for an hour or so.
⦁    Light the tea light and ask the Universe for help with success in your intention. Put the lid on the jar, extinguishing the flame.
⦁    Tie the string around the lid. To seal the jar with wax, heat the end of a wax stick over a flame and carefully let the hot wax drip on the string. **Use your brain. The wax is hot. Be careful**
⦁    Place the jar in a meaningful place. Use it for meditation practice; in the garden to encourage personal growth; or on your mantle or by you bedside to remind you of your intention. Charge your jar by moonlight for about an hour every month or so.

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