Mossy Wall Garden

     I had a lot of fun with this one and I will definitely be making more of these awesome pieces. This time I’m showing you how to make your own Mossy Wall Garden. It’s great to add a little bit of the outdoors to a space that’s less than stimulating. Also, what I love about this project is that you can go as small or as big as you want with it. But you’ll need a few things to get started. You can get most, if not all, of these items at your local craft store. 



a picture frame 

a glue gun 

glue sticks (lots of glue sticks) 

a green moss mat or a bag of good base moss 

a small bag of mixed moss in different tones and textures 

Some loose greenery items varying in size, or you can pick up a small variety bag 

A pair of pliers or snips 

Optionally, you may want to add some fallen tree bark, small pinecones, and/or small stones to your art piece. 

     To begin, start by opening the picture frame and remove the glass pane. We won’t be using the glass for this project so it can be discarded.

Go ahead and plug in your glue gun so it’s ready to go when it’s time. If you went with a moss mat, you’ll want to cut it to fit the frame with edges tucked in. If you opted for a base moss, use the pieces and arrange them so the cardboard of the frame is covered. Before I get to glue-gunning, I like to play around with the placement of the items first, so I have a pretty good idea in mind of what I’m trying to achieve.

Once you’re satisfied with the placement of the moss you can start to lock it in place with the glue gun. Again, if you used the mat, start at one end and glue it down in sections. If you used base moss, start in one corner and work your way across covering the cardboard. You will most likely use A LOT of glue with the base moss. I wanted to make sure mine stuck, so I used quite a bit. Hot glue can leave little ‘spider webs’ behind as you use it. You’ll want to be sure to clean these up as you go. You'll thank me later.

Base moss is messy.

As for the base moss, it can be quite messy. After the glue has set, I pick up the frame and gently shake it to get the loose particles to fall away. 


Arrange your greenery pieces, other mosses, and any other items you choose to use, on your frame to create your design. Use your pliers or snips to cut them apart or shorten the stems. Once you’re confident with the arrangement, you can begin to glue each item down. Once the glue is set, you are good to go. Your mossy wall garden is complete. Enjoy!


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