Crayon Color Melt Canvas

     This is hopefully the first of many project posts. With that being said, we'll start with a fairly simple one. I've done this several times with my kids and it's relatively easy. There is little to no artistic talent required so we can all take a breath. It's your masterpiece. You only need four items for this one so let's get started!


a canvas


a glue gun with glue sticks

a hair dryer or hot air gun


     Begin by either partially or completely removing the paper sheath from the crayons. Arrange the crayons  

along the edge of the canvas. How you place them is entirely up to you. Hues of the same color, rainbow, or random placement are a few options. Only glue 1/3 to 1/2 of the crayon to the canvas, leaving the end you intend to melt unglued. Allow the glue to set before moving on. Next you will need to place some newspaper over your workspace to help protect the surface from melting wax. After the glue has cooled, place your canvas on the newspaper leaning against a wall or a stack of books.

     Now you will take you hair dryer or hot-air gun and set the melting in motion. Concentrating on the tips of the crayons, begin on low heat. Move in small circles, slowly across and back, as the wax begins to melt. The  heat/blower setting, motion, and angle in which you hold your heat source will determine how your wax will melt.  Play with heat/blower settings, motions and cross-angles, keeping your desired effect in mind. Adjust accordingly.

     Once you have melted the wax to your satisfaction, allow your project to cool completely.

You did it!

     Your masterpiece is ready for display. Now you can sit back, relax and admire your new art installation.

     There are many different variations to this project. Try painting the canvas beforehand or even using masking tape before painting to get different effects. Neon, greyscale, or glitter crayons are just a few options. 

     I hope you've enjoyed this one. Share photos of your canvas on social media with the hashtag #IvyandAmethyst. I absolutely love seeing everyone's artwork.


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